Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Family

Jamie at Simple Homeschool has invited readers to blog about a typical homeschooling day.  Of course, the word "typical" is funny to me because every day is very different depending on activities for the day, errands I need to do, and the MOOD of my students!  Here is how today went at the Pines Academy:

5:30 AM:  Woke up and looked at the clock...whew.  I have 30 more minutes of sleep before I have to get up to go to the gym.  Closed eyes, briefly woke again when hubby's alarm went off.

7:30 AM:  Woke up and realized I had hit the off button on my alarm.  Overslept...darn!  Hubby has to leave for work, no gym for me this morning.  Got up and threw on my workout clothes, went downstairs with intentions to do a workout video but Madalyn was already up so we danced with our Wii Just Dance game instead.  It's a workout for's hard!

8:20 AM:   Annagrace is up now too.  I head upstairs to take a shower and get dressed.  Girls play on the Wii and as I'm getting out of the shower Layla has woken up too.  Change her diaper, get her dressed and head downstairs.

8:30 AM:  Girls get dressed while I cook breakfast (eggs, toast and turkey bacon).  We eat breakfast together.

9:00 AM:  I clean the kitchen while Annagrace gets out ingredients to make Maple Syrup bars (part of our homeschool lessons this week in her "Little House in the Big Woods" workbook).

9:30 AM:  The older girls and I sit down in the schoolroom and work on an art project.  Layla plays by herself.

10:30 AM:  Maple bars are done and cooled off--snack time!  We have maple bars, various types of cheese, yogurt and we try goat cheese.

11:00 AM:  Layla goes down for a nap.  Annagrace starts working on her research paper.  After lots of tears, lots of fussing and arguing later I tell her she has the weekend to get her report done and for the rest of the day she needs to work on getting her math done.  She has four lessons to do because she has chosen to wait until the end of the week to do it all at one time!  We talk about the other option (public school) and I send Aaron a text telling him I've had enough and maybe this (homeschooling) was a bad idea.  Madalyn and I look through magazines and cut out photos of things made with milk.  She makes a collage with these photos.  I help Annagrace understand improper and proper fractions.  More tears (from Annagrace...not me...this time at least).

12:00 PM:  Madalyn and I play a math game while Annagrace continues to work on her own.  

1:00 PM:  Madalyn works on a math worksheet while I fix lunch.  Annagrace is still slaving away at her math lessons.

2:30 PM:  We head to Lowe's and Home Depot for a couple of things (including chalkboard paint and a paint sample for the new schoolroom color).

4:00 PM:  Back home.  Unload stuff from the car.  Madalyn wants to play dress up with Layla.  Annagrace is back to work on her math.

5:15 PM:  Aaron home, Annagrace gets a long lecture from him and goes to spend some time in her room alone.

6:30 PM (right now):  Annagrace emerges from her room.  Aaron cooks supper while Annagrace continues to work on her math lessons.  Madalyn sits in the kitchen and chats with Aaron.  Layla is running around in a dress up dress with the back half of a cell phone that no longer works.

Later tonight....Aaron will do at least one history lesson with Annagrace.  I'll read several books with Madalyn and Layla (for as long as she'll pay attention anyway!).  Annagrace will read some to herself.  Aaron and I will go to bed early and watch something on Netflix until we pass out from exhaustion.  I'll say a prayer to myself that I don't get any patient calls during the night.

And that's a unique "typical" day in our homeschooling life.  I had planned to do phonics lessons with Madalyn today but Annagrace's bad attitude pretty much overshadowed the entire day.  It was one of those days when we got done what we got done and the rest can be done later!  

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  1. When we first started homeschooling, we had this same type of attitude from our oldest daughter (then 8 yrs old), and she really wanted to go back to public school. She'd put off her lessons as long as possible, in hopes of getting out of doing them. We've been homeschooling 4 years now, and she's really changed her tune. Don't give up!

    You sound SO busy! I have 5 kids and believe me, it helps to get them working independently, early in the game. We supplement with plenty of other stuff, but our main curriculum is called, and it's all online. The kids work largely independent of mom, and unless they need help with something in particular, I just need to be nearby, but not playing teacher. It has helped us so much! Best of luck to you.

    Ohio Homeschooling Mom to 5 Awesome Kids!